Their Excellencies of Ayreton Welcome You

Their Excellencies of Ayreton

Greetings to All and Welcome to Ayreton,

As this page serves as an introduction to the Baronage we would like to share a bit about us and our experiences in Ayreton and in the Midrealm.

We both began in the SCA twenty-five years ago, meeting each other at a local Rokkehealden fighter practice. We were new to the Society and were taken by the camaraderie that was found on the field, the joy of fighting a long side your friends and each other. As our years expanded so did our interests to include; brewing, dancing, assisting newcomers, serving feasts, practicing scribal arts and holding the occasional office.

We were thrilled to be a part of the creation of Foxvale, as first a shire and then a canton for the then brand new Barony of Ayreton. We learned much from the skill and kindness of the premier Baron and Baroness Ayreton, Henry of Exeter and Nadezda ze Zastrizl and from the incredible populace of Ayreton.

Gareth is a 9th C Norseman having left his home in Norway to "trade" with the Picts of the Orkney where he decided to settle with other Norse after meeting Hillary a Pictish native. Both Hillary and Gareth love embracing all the dark ages have to offer but willingly find joy in the good works of those living in the later part of our current Middle Ages.

Baroness Hillary & Baron Gareth

What is a Baron or Baroness of a Barony?

The Baron and Baroness are officers of the Barony who are appointed by the King and Queen for a five-year term. Our responsibilities include:

  • Representing the King and Queen to the Barony when royalty are not present. It is Our duty to swear fealty to the King and Queen, support Their agenda, and uphold and enforce Kingdom laws within the Barony. We also carry information from the King and Queen to Ayreton's populace and, in certain instances, present awards on behalf Their Royal Majesties.
  • Representing the Barony to the King and Queen. As representatives of the Barony, We travel to events around the Kingdom. We give regular reports to Their Majesties on the state of the Barony and communicate Baronial concerns and opinions to Them. It is Our responsibility to recommend members of Our populace to receive awards from the King and Queen, and it is Our privilege to host Them when They are within Ayreton's borders.
  • Supporting and leading the Barony. We work with Baronial officers and others in the Barony to recruit new members and address the concerns of the current populace. We support and attend Baronial events, meetings, and practices. We encourage and recognize good works and helpful acts within Our borders, and We appoint Champions to represent and lead the populace.
  • Fulfilling ceremonial duties appropriate to Our rank. As Baron and Baroness, We bear the titles of Our rank and use the Baronial heraldry to identify Ourselves. Certain regalia, such as the Baronial coronets and thrones, are reserved for Our use. We have the privilege of establishing and presenting awards specific to Ayreton.

Our Oath of Fealty to the Crown of the Middle Kingdom

I here swear fealty and do homage
To the Crown of the Middle Kingdom:
To hold the Barony of Ayreton in fief from the Crown,
To loyally uphold and enforce your laws in those lands,
And give wise counsel to the Crown,
According to my knowledge and ability.

Our Promise the People of Ayreton

We promise to be the voice of the Crown to you, and also your voice to the Crown.
We promise to enforce the laws of the Middle Kingdom, and also to raise all of you up.
We promise to counsel the Crown, and also you, and accept counsel from you.
We promise to work to the best of our ability, and to expect the same from you,
and to recognize that ability when we see it.
We promise to hold these lands in fief from the Crown, and your hearts in our own.

Text by:
Warder Andrew Blackwood